History, Politics, Technology, and Fiction

Yes, the movie or book you’re writing might be fiction rather than a documentary. Nothing wrong with that; we all read and watch plenty of fiction. However, if your movie or book deals with a certain country or period of time, it would be well to know as much about that country or period of time as possible. In the age of social media, the ridicule that comes from making mistakes can go viral very quickly.

That’s what I can do for you. I can go over your manuscript and catch mistakes. I can catch errors such as that made in Star Wars: A New Hope in which Han Solo says that his Millennium Falcon made the Kessel run in “less than 12 parsecs.” Really? “Parsec” is a measure of distance, not time. It’s like saying you drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco in ten miles. George Lucas got away with that because a) Star Wars is still a fun series of movies, and b) there was no social media at that time to ridicule him for such an easily corrected mistake.

If you’re writing a movie or a book, and you want to focus on writing and/or producing and directing rather than research, contact me. I can help you. I can do the background research – the part that I love doing – so that you can do what you love doing. Contact me today!